Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ulta Sale Haul

Lookie all the stuff I got from Ulta for less than $6 each! Yippee! All items were on sale for 50% off or more!

Garden Botanika Vitamin E Stick $6 (originally $13)

I intentionally stopped by Ulta just to pick this guy up cause I was just about to run out. I got there and was devastated. The area where they usually keep the Garden Botanika line was in a complete disarray. Testers were used up, smudged or missing and the shelves were full of empty space with damaged product boxes scattered randomly. I felt this uncomfortable feeling creep up as I saw a sign that read "All Garden Botanika 50% off (while supplies last)". I desperately searched for my little Vitamin E lippy and finally spied the last 2 at the back of a bottom shelf. Of course I quickly snatched them up Golem-like and chanted devilishly (in my head), "My precious!"

I hate to see Ulta stop carrying this line because that means I'll have to resort to ordering them online or finding a replacement product. Not a huge issue but definitely an inconvenience. I really love this product and highly recommend it! I know Estee Lauder also makes a Vitamin E stick that is the exact same. I actually started using Estee's vitamin E stick first until I spied Garden Botanika's version at Ulta a year ago. It's cheaper and I like the packaging so much better. Estee's packaging looks like granny lipstick - You all know what I mean. Garden Botanika's packaging is so cute and green and delivers the same moisture kick I need.

The Verdict: Garden Botanika Vitamin E Stick

I just love vitamin E sticks because they glide on smoothly and the moisturizing effects last for hours. They have no taste, smell or color and they don't have any cooling ingredients added to them. I use these in place of chapstick or lip balm all the time. They give my lips a natural sheen and bring out the natural pigment. I always get compliments when I wear this and people always think I'm wearing lip color. Run, don't walk to your nearest Ulta to stock up before it's too late! I know I have a few Ulta's near me that I need to raid so that I can sleep at night.

Sugar Cosmetics: Lip Gloss and Eye Shadow

I've never tried anything from Sugar Cosmetics but they had fun "try me" products in the sale bin and I thought why not? Apparently Sugar Cosmetics has gone under already - I tried going to their website but it just doesn't exist anymore. I picked up two Sugar Shellac Lip Glosses in Watercolor $4 each (originally $17) and Sugar Cream Eyeshadow Color Sticks in Blue, Pink and Purple $4 each (originally $17).

Below are a couple of swatches that I did of the Sugar products (with and without flash). At the top is a smear of the Lipgloss by itself and blended. Directly below are the color sticks blended and the very bottom are the color sticks applied without blending.

The Verdict: Sugar Shellac Lip Gloss

There is a built-in brush applicator and it goes on sheer and a bit sticky with tiny specs of glitter. It has a strong sugar cookie smell and somewhat sweet taste too. After a few minutes the smell dissipates and the stickiness goes away too. I really like this as it give my lips a deep pink/fuschia tint without looking too reflective. I'm glad I picked up two because I can see me carrying this around a LOT! Again some more pics of the gloss with and without flash below.

The Verdict: Sugar Cream Eyeshadow Color Sticks
These reminded me of the MAC Sugarsweet Shadesticks and I think maybe what compelled me to buy them. The only difference is they are very glittery when applied. They apply opaque but become sheer when blended. The blue shows up on me the most, followed by the purple and then the pink. The pink is actually the sheerest of the three and almost looks a bit peachey on my skin tone. Same is true of the purple, it looks kinda pinky-purple on me. You can wear these as bright or light as you'd like just depending on how much you blend. I really like these colors and I can't wait to play with them!

Essie Nail Color: Looking for Love #634 $0.99 (originally $7)

I also spied some sale nail polishes and grabbed this pale blue Essie one. I really love the pale blue color! I think this color is versatile for both summer and winter. In the past when I've purchase Essie nail colors, I find that they chip very easily. I hope they've improved their formula and these don't disappoint!