Monday, April 20, 2009

Jouer Cosmetics Yummy Eye Candy

This cosmetic line is relatively new and was started in 2004 by Christina Zilber. I have no idea who she is but the Jouer website touts her fabulous lifestyle jetsetting between Paris, New York and Beverly Hills.

I first saw some of their products in a magazine a few months ago. The "gimmick" for this line is that all the products snap together - kinda like beauty Legos. At first I didn't think much of it, but as you know exposure is what gets the consumer familiar/comfortable with the product. After that first sighting, I've been seeing the same brand pop up in other magazines and on websites so I thought I'd take a peek at the website. I have to say I'm quite intrigued. I love that you can virtually try out the products online and see how the colors will look on 4 different models with different skin shades. I think all the product colors are really beautiful. It's just too bad Jouer is not yet widely available. They're only carried at the Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue in NYC and online.

The picture above is the 2009 Eye Candy Collection $45. How cute is it that they show these in paper liners just like chocolate truffles? Click on the pic to see the yummy colors in more detail.


Petitte Poupee said...

Hi Didi,

I have a question for you regarding the foundation. I need a foundation right now because i ran out my bobbi brown foundation pretty soon. Can you recommend me a good foundation that is good enough for acne prone skin? my skin is combination however, i do get acne easily.
Thanks a lot for the answer.

Petite Poupee!

Didi said...

Hi Petite Poupee - I just got the Sk-II foundation and it is the BEST I have ever tried. I used it with the Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick as a concealer underneath and it looks flawless. It is really amazing when you put it on. It gives really even coverage and does not look like you are wearing any makeup. It is quite expensive $165 but if you try it - you will love it! I did have an issue with it about 1 hour after applying I felt a bit itchy but it went away and the 2nd day I used it I did not have the itchy feeling again.

I have heard Shu Uemura's Face Architect is quite good but I've not tried it myself. I have that on me list to try tho!

I've used MAC Studio Fix SPF 15 NC25 foundation and it did not make me break out but you will "feel" the foundation on your skin.

I've also tried Shiseido's Dual Foundation and I liked it better than MAC. It's lighter but still you will feel it on you.

I hope this helps! I've tried a couple more but the colours did not match me so I did not purchase or try to compare further.

Petitte Poupee said...


OMG you are so helpful. Thank you so muchh!!! and the best part, you are the same shade with me. I used the NC 25 too from MAC but last time i tried it, It did not break me out, however i fell the tingling sensation every time i put it on. So, i am not using it anymore. ^^

Petite Poupee

Didi said...

Petite Poupee - no problem! looks like we're foundation twins - haha! Have you tried Mario Badescu's Drying or Buffering Lotion? I get deep cystic acne and the Buffering Lotion has been helping me a lot.