Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SK-II Air Touch Foundation $165

Tada! I finally got it! After all the months of wondering it will work, second guessing the product and just plain not knowing if it would be for me - I took the plunge and it was well worth it! I don't know why I didn't just go to the SK-II counter and have the SA apply it on me. As soon as the SA sprayed this on me and I saw myself in the mirror, I needn't need any more convincing cause I was already handing over the cash. Thankgoodness for the Saks F&F or else I'd be nursing my wallet wounds. O also you can now buy SK-II products online through their website!

The SK-II Airtouch Foundation is basically a portable airbrush foundation compact. As with all SK-II products, this foundation contains Pitera (I think it's exclusively patented by SK-II) which hydrates the skin and leaves it smooth and radiant. It was discovered when a scientist noticed the hands of sake brewers were unusually soft and smooth compared to the skin of their face. So after much research and hundreds of experiments with fermented yeast, scientists were able to extract Pitera!!

What's in the Package?

I know the Airtouch used to come with an instructional CD and when I opened the outter red box there was a gap that looked suspiciously CD-shaped. Unfortunately nomore CD anymore. The Airtouch comes with it's own user's manual (very informational and lots of pictures!), a Panasonic CR2 3V Lithuim battery, a refill packet and the Airtouch compact itself.

Shot of where the Lithium battery goes. The SA said the battery should last 1.5 - 2 years with daily use and that the battery can be bought at any electronic store. I've not seen or looked for this type of battery before so I don't know if it's easily found or what the price would be. Online I found it for around $3-5 depending on what site you get it from.

Close-up of the compact's button and the 3 different settings:
On - Used to apply the foundation.
Off - Turns off the appliance (I thought this was weird but then again - it is electronically powered)
Droplet - Used to "decompress" the foundation packet (gets rid of the air in the packet). The instruction manual suggests using this everytime before applying the foundation so that you get an even application, but the SA said to just use this about once a week. You hold the unit with the nozzle pointing down and hold down the silver button until a small droplet of the foundation appears. Once you see the droplet, release the button, wipe the foundation off the nozzle and turn to the "On" setting for application.

Product Assembly

This is the back of the unit where the foundation refill packet slides in. Below are some pics of how all the parts of the compact unit are assembled together.

All taken apart. From top to bottom: The Compact Cover, the Refill Cover, the Refill Packet and the Compact itself.

The Refill Packet inserted into the Compact.

The Refill Cover placed on the Compact. This is how the compact will normally look.

And the Compact Cover to complete the Unit!

The Verdict: A+
I LOVE this foundation!! I was matched with the BP-4 color for Rosy Toned Medium skin. It's totally my HG (and I hate using that reference). The foundation goes on super even and natural. It does not look like I'm wearing any makeup - just makes me look better. My pores are minimized and my skin looks evened out. It's not strong enough to cover acne scars, so I've got to use a concealer underneath. It lasts all day and does not melt off. Even my boyfriend thought I had no makeup on and he commented that my skin looked dewy but not greasy. It's easily layered and you can have anywhere from sheer to medium-full coverage.

Another cool factor about this foundation is that it is only attracted to moisture. It has something to do with positive and negative ions mumbo-jumbo. So basically, it will only adhere to your skin and not your hair or clothing. The SA placed a tissue over her hand, spread out her fingers and sprayed the foundation across her hand. When she lifted the tissue, the foundation was on the tissue in the shape of her hand (remember making turkeys with your hand in kindergarten?).

On the first day I used this, my face got itchy after about an hour after application. It wasn't overbearingly itchy but I was concerned for about 5 min while it lasted. I did not remove the foundation and the itchy feeling went away. The 2nd day I used this, I never felt any itchy-ness so maybe it was a combination of other things causing it.

Also I thought I would find it to be much bulkier, but it's really not that huge. I wouldn't want to have to carry it around with me, but if I had to it's not gona weigh me down. Since it lasts all day, there really isn't a need to take it along.


An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said...

Thank you for the review ! Though I cant bring myself to buy it for $165 now , Ive always been curious about the hype. Great to know its all true !

Didi said...

An Indian's Makeup Blog - O no prob! It's really great and you should go try it out! Have the SA apply it on you and you'll see the Airtouch awesomeness. Saks F&F just ended but keep an eye on the SK-II website. They just started to offer orders online and they may put out a promotion to bring that to people's attention!