Thursday, April 23, 2009

Double Duty Chocolates

Call me crazy but I think this just might work. I've always got my eye out for things that are good for storage and organizing.

I saw this Godiva Mother's Day Keepsake Box $68 and got to thinking it could be a great organizer for makeup! I saw this in person and the picture makes it look small but I'd say it's about 10"x5"x7".

I love how it's compartmentallized and that it's got a mirror under the lid. The mirror is of decent quality too - it doesn't give a funhouse reflection. The box is made from heavy cardboard and it's pretty sturdy. Also the entire box is lined with cloth. I didn't get to lift out the chocolates so I'm not sure how the compartments are made. I think this box would be great for mascara and lipglosses - things that are tubular and tend to roll around.

Best part is you can get your chocolate fix too! It comes with 30 pieces of yummy truffles!


carmel said...

I think this is a great find. Really one of the nicest gift ideas for mother's day. Thanks for sharing this idea.

Didi said...

Hi Carmel - thanks for confirming I've not lost my mind :) My mom loves chocolate but she is a bargainist and would kill me if I spent this much on her for "candy". I'll wait until after Mother's Day and try to catch this on sale for 50% off - hehehe!