Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Stripper Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover $16

This nail polish is from the Lippmann Collection and it contains aloe vera to soothe nails and cuticles and is lavendar scented. I thought both were a nice touch since most nail polish removers have a piercing and invasice scent. This is also an award-winning product! It was given an Allure Editor's Choice Award in 2003.

The Verdict
This is a great nail polish remover! First soak a cotton pad with the polish remover and then place it on your nail for at least 5 seconds. Then put some finger grease into it, push down and wipe the cotton pad and polish off your nail. I find the most polish is removed almost completely on the first and second nail. After that the acetone starts to evaporate and become less effective. I've got to rub the cotton pad back and forth on some of the remaining polish but it's still comes off easily. The aloe in this stuff really works because it doesn't leave my nails looking scratched up at all. I don't feel like there is any lavendar smell to this probably because the acetone smell is just too strong to overcome - not going to blame Sara for not being able to deliver on this.

I also love the packaging of this polish! It comes with a removable twist-lock cap. To dispense the remover, twist the top of the cap counter-clockwise to unlock it and then you can pump up the remover by pushing down on the top. When you're done, just turn it clockwise to lock the top in place. The best part is the whole top can be unscrewed so it's refillable too!