Monday, April 20, 2009

Look How it Dances in the Light!

I've been drooling over this watch ever since I spotted it on display at the Michael Kors boutique back in March. It's the Michael Kors Acrylic Strap Watch in White $225. While there I didn't ask to see it but days and weeks later I could still see the alluring sparkle of the acrylic and crystals in my mind. How thrilled was I when Saks F&F came around and would have this for 20% off? Thrilled. How thrilled was I when found this at Nordstrom for a whopping 40% off?!? Super duper thrilled!!

The Verdict
I love everything about this watch! I know there are a lot of acrylic strapped watches out there but this one is special. The mother-of-pearl dial is such a nice paring with the acrylic. For some reason it makes the acrylic appear whiter. I also love the stainless-steel bezel of Swarovski crystals surrounding the face!