Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lippmann Collection Rich Girl SPF25 $24

When I saw this for sale BOGO at Bath & Body Works, I thought this would be a great time to try out Deborah Lippmann's treatment products. She's well-known as a celebrity manicurist and for her line nail polishes in the Lippmann Collection but this is one of her award winning products! The other is the lavender-scented nail polish remover cheekily named The Stripper. I don't have that one yet, but I'm working on it!. I think Deborah is a fun-loving woman - just look at the names of her polishes! They're all so sassy! Plus I saw her once on an appearance of Martha Stewart and she is really down-to-earth and genuine.

So what's to like? Obviously there is an SPF of 25 that provides both UVA and UVB protection from the sun (look at the giant close-up!). This hand cream contains a multi-tasking formula made with intensive hyrdating ingredients such as shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil. It also has an anti-aging complex of scutellaria and echinacea. It also contains a plant-based brightening complex of black mulberry extract that naturally evens out pigmentation without bleaching your skin and cyclomethicone that aids in locking in moisture.

The Verdict
When it comes to hand creams, I'm a snob. I am really super picky about my hand creams. They can't be too creamy, too oily, too greasy, hard to apply, too difficult to absorb or too smelly. I hate it when you apply hand cream and you feel like you dipped it into a vat of shortening for the next 2 hours. The Rich Girl hand cream is very "rich" indeed and a little bit goes a long way. When you first apply it, it's like a very thick lotion but as you start to work it in it just melts away. It doesn't leave an oily feeling or film because it actually gets absorbed by your skin! Most other hand creams I've used just kinda sit at the surface of the skin for awhile. My hands look really hydrated too without looking shiny.

How it Works
What is really funky (and annoying) is how the cream is dispensed. It has a twist-lock cap that never comes off fully. In the middle of the cap is a small opening for the cream to escape...You know what? This is hard to explain and pictures say a thousand words so just scroll down....

Here is the hand cream unopened. See the little circular opening in the middle of the cap?

Here is the hand cream fully opened. Yep. That's as far as it goes. You squeeze the tube while it's open but what I find annoying is that you never really know how much you're squeezing out. At least not visually - you have to FEEL the amount that is being dispensed. Anything that you just dispensed is actually trapped underneath the cap.

When you close the cap the closing motion finally squishes the cream out of the opening! The good thing is that when the cap closes it gives a satisfying SNAP!