Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter ~ LUSH Style

Happy Easter from LUSH! I had this craving for LUSH bath products last week and I just had to stop by the mall just to go to LUSH. What goodies did I bring back? Tada!


Clockwise from top: Lush bag, The Pink One Easeter Gift, T for Toes Dusting Powder, Easter Egg Magic Bath Bomb and the Lush Times.

The Pink One Easter Gift (Vegan) $30
I saw these Easter egg bombs on the Lush website a while back and just had to pick one up while I was in the store! Online they have 2 to choose from The Yellow One Easter Gift or The Pink One Easter Gift (Vegan). I think these are a great gift idea for Easter especially when people are watching their weight and don't want to be tempted with chocolate eggs and bunnies (although I thoroughly enjoy biting off the ears).

I really wanted to gift one to my schmoopy because he just loves baths and I knew he had a big essay due this weekend and he'd deserve a relaxing and scented bath. I wanted one of each color but when I got to the store they only had pink ones left. Schmoopy didn't mind the pink at all. Whew! I had thought the eggs would be normal-sized but was shocked when I saw them in person. They are HUGE!!! They look like freaking dinosaur eggs! They're about 8-9 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide. The SA told me that each half of the shell could last for 3-4 baths. Wowsa.

The shell is the limited edition Candy Fluff Bath Bomb Vegan. It's of course pink and is sweet-smelling much like candy. I guess the size is justifiable becuase are 2 full-sized bath goodies enclosed in the shells. Inside the pink egg is the Frosty Gritter Bubble Bar Vegan(vanilla and lavender scent) and Rock Star Soap Vegan (creamy vanilla scent). Sorry no pics of these guys.

Magic Bath Bomb $6

I also picked up a smaller Easter egg Bath Bomb just for me! Tee hee! This is the seasonal Magic Bath Bomb that they made in the shape of an egg for Easter. I'm not sure what scent it is but to me it smells like sweetened tea. The cool thing is that this bath bomb starts off blue. As it dissolves it reveals an interior of red salts and then the water's supposed to become purple like magic but it's really more like a deeper blue.

T for Toes Dusting Powder $11

Since summer is rolling around and I wear a lot of flip flops and flats this is always a must-have. This the sweetly scented T For Toes Dusting Powder is a great foot deodorant! I love it! My shoes smell fresh and sweet all day!

I really like all dusting powders from LUSH because they're very finely milled and they leave your skin feeling extremely silky. Plus they all smell really good and different from baby powder so it's not always the same old diaperish scent.