Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nexxus Heat Protexx Styling Spray

I style my hair with a blow dryer every time I wash my hair and every morning. I just can't give up my blow dryer! My hair is thick but limp and I HAVE to use a dryer to set the roots and get some lift. My hair is pretty strong and resistent to breakage but after years of neglect and abuse I was getting weird little hair spikes all over my head.

I finally dragged my feet to Wal-Mart a month ago and scoped out the heat protecting styling products. The only 2 products I found at the time were TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray and Nexxus Heat Protexx Styling Spray $12. I let my nose make the decision and went with the Nexxus spray. They both have that overbearing "product" odor but I could tolerate the smell of Nexxus' more.

The Verdict
That product smell that I disliked so much? I've come to actually like it. The smell is not as strong when I'm misting it into my hair (as opposed to sniffing the fumes from the bottle). Plus as I style my hair, the smell dissipates and becomes barely noticeable. I definitely recommend this spray to anyone that uses heat styling. I've started to notice my little hair spikes start to grow too! Hopefully they'll be assimilated with the rest of my hair in a few more months. Muahahaha!