Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello Kitty Haul

I'm not a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, but I am a Sanrio fan so when MAC came out with their Hello Kitty line they caught my attention. I have this bad habit of succumbing to mob mentality when it comes to shopping (must be my inner asian FOB). So I'm reading all about the haul that all the beauty bloggers and youtubers are getting and I'm starting to want to buy the whole collection! BUT I restrained myself and brought myself back to the real world and this is what I made out with.....

Too Dolly Eye Shadow Quad $38

I love the colors of this quad! I haven't begun to play with it yet but I know I'll get a LOT of use out of the sparkly black. I love that they printed the HK logo all over the box too! So different from MAC's usual black boxes. The MA actually applied the other quad (Lucky Tom) on me but I felt I would get more use out of the pinks and the black I mentioned before.

Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner with SPF $14.50

This feels tingly after applying and it has that balmy scent to it. I'm thinking probably becuase of the SPF in it. Unfortunately, it doesn't show too well on my lips because they're naturally pigmented. Gives me more of a pinky nude look. I've seen it on others and it looks more opaque on them than it does on me.

Mimmy Lipglass $14

Ok I was conflicted and wanted ALL the sparkly lipglasses. But I ended up with this one because it goes on fairly sheer and I figured I could layer it on anything. It's a bit sticky but I don't mind it too much.

The Verdict
I'm happy with everything I purchased and I think I would be happy with any of the other products from this line. They have the quality you would expect from MAC but outside of the HK branding there isn't anything really must-have about this line. You can find the colors promoted elsewhere.I'm still tempted to go back and get the Lucky Tom quad and one of the white glitter liners Girl Groove. The MA had the white Girl Groove on and it looked so cool and reflects light blue. I also wanted one of the purple lipglasses but I'm holding off until the release of the Kitty Kouture dazzleglasses. They come with a HK chain detail and they're super sparkly!!

I also made off with a couple of other items that are not part of the HK Collection. I got to try them out and really liked them. I'll hold off on reviewing them now. I'll do a full review later on with pictures.
#33 MAC False Eyelashes $9
Blacktrack MAC Fluid Line $15
Sample of Prep+Prime

Friday, February 20, 2009

REN Glycolatic Skin Renewal Peel Mask $55

I'm not usually a fan of peel masks. I find them annoying to remove and I hate how you have to pick at your face. I'm also not usually a big fan of natural cosmetic lines because they usually smell pretty funky and I don't find them as effective. I first saw a review of the REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask by Jen, my go-to beauty guru at (definitely check out her site because like I said - she's my beauty guru :) and I was finally motivated to try this out!

If you read the product description from the REN website there doesn't seem to be anything this mask can't do! This mask is part of the REN product recommendations for combination skin and mature skin. It claims to renew the complexion, reduce fine lines, improve skin tone, firmness and radiance. It also helps with post acne scarring, blemishes, blackheads and sun damaged skin. All concerns of mine! Can it get any better?

The Verdict
This mask is not a traditional peel mask but it gives the same effect and results. What I really love about it is the instant results. Your skin becomes so radiant and smooth and it only takes 10 minutes. This mask is a thick gel that looks, feels and smells like orange marmalade. When I apply it there is a bit of a tingly sensation. My cheeks are really sensitive to this mask and the sensation on my cheeks get to be unbearable after about 3-4 minutes so I just wipe off the mask from my cheeks but leave the rest on my T-zone. Due to this I definitely do not think this is suitable for people with sensitive or delicate skin. The good news is that once wiped off your skin doesn't continue to react (no redness, breakouts or peeling). After the full 10 minutes I just rinse the rest of it off. For now I'm using this mask once a week and I really love the results it's been giving me! I have noticed a huge reduction in blackheads and my skintone is extremely radiant!

I also got these free samples from Sephora along with this purchase: Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel and Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum.

**Update** I 've been using this every morning under my moisturizer on my forehead and neck - but honestly not really seeing any results. It's supposed to help with any fine lines/wrinkles. Since it's a gel, it is very fast absorbing but unfortuntately it has a weird smell that is a mix of old lotion and old flowers. This sample lasted me about 1 week and I really don't think that was enough time to see the effects.

**Update** This stuff rocks! I was interested in trying this out but did not have high hopes of it giving any sort of instant results. I was completely wrong! This serum really and truly delivers! I have started to notice some fine lines on my forehead and when I apply this I feel a slight tingling and 5 minutes later - smooth! Also I have not broken out once using this. The serum is clear and quite runny but is not one bit oily or greasy. There is no smell to it either! It also claims to help minimize dark spots but I have not noticed any dramatic difference. It does however give my skin an overall radiance. I just don't notice my old acne scars lightening.

Read the full review for Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stila Precious Pearl Eye Shadow Palette $40

The case for this eye palette is so pretty! I love anything mother-of-pearl so this case caught my eye immediately. It looks so elegant and chic. Anyways this eye shadow collection has real pearl mixed into it which is supposed to hydrate your skin and give a luminous glow.

The Verdict
I dunno how to verify the claims of it's awesome pearl power but this is a great set that has all the colors I need. The colors are very vibrant and opaque when applied. A little bit goes a long way. The colors stay on all day and do not rub off at all. You can still easily remove with any eye makeup remover. I'm tempted to pick up a second palette just to stash away.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Surprise <3

A very nice boy (I lubs you Mike!) surprised me with this for Valentine's Day! I was not expecting this at all because we had agreed we wouldn't be exchanging any gifts over $20 this year. Well, "someone" didn't follow this rule at all. He picked this out all by himself too!

It's an Avery Remembrance Ring in Aquamarine $75 from James Avery. I've always wanted a piece of jewelry with my birthstone and I like the setting of the stone cause it's kinda modern deco-looking. I looked at it for too long and got kinda scared cause it started looking like a robot eyeball - but it was late at night and I was hallucinating by that point.

James Avery started out in the Texas and they have a stores all over the Lone Star state but not that many elsewhere. Go to their website to see if there is one near you. If you get a chance, definitely stop by and pick out a couple of items - you will NOT regret it!

The Verdict
I really love anything that is from James Avery. The quality of their jewelry is excellent and I truly think it's jewelry that will last more than a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. All the pieces are very well priced and very affordable. I've never had their sterling silver jewelry develop even a speck of rust on it and so I've never had to polish any of it either. The sterling silver does darken a tiny bit but it's just the patina and it adds to it's beauty. They're also very durable and can endure a lot of wear and tear. I've worn their rings all day through workouts, cooking, house chores, etc. and they still look as good as new.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NARS The Love Set $49

So I stopped by Sephora for some window shopping and they had this cute set on display. From Top to bottom the set includes: Blush in Orgasm, Lip Pencil in Sex Machine and Lip Gloss in Pillow Talk.

I was really sucked in by the color of the lip gloss and the fact that it came with the blush was all the reason I needed to buy it! I guess I may be a prude but I really think the names to NARS products are really racy! I guess I feel tat way because I see a lot of teeny bops and pre-teen girls checking out the products and I get queasy thinking about it.

The Verdict
I really love this set! The colors go perfectly together and pairs well with a dark smoky eye. I knew I would love the lip pencil and gloss but what really surprised me was the blush. It's a peachey pink with gold flecks in it. It looks so good and natural on me. I have that asian yellow toned skin and this really compliments it so well. You can add as much color as you want without it looking caked on. Check out the pics below of some close-ups of the blush.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Body Shop Haul

On this shopping trip I went to The Body Shop looking for a flannel washcloth that Lindi from over at recommended.

Luxury Facial Flannel $6.50

I really didn't know what to expect of this thing. When I got to the store the SA helped me find this washcloth and it was packed in a ziplock baggy and was flexile and bendy. It did not look at all like..."cloth". It reminded me of a white shammy and looked silicone-like in texture. I was weirded out even more because the SAs had taken one out of it's packaging and it was dry and hard and looked like a piece of styrofoam. They assured me that once it touched water it would return to it's soft state and work just like new. But hey Lindi said it's fantastic so I bought it anyways. I was not at all disappointed by this thing. Remember I said it looked silicone-like? Well it works just like a rubber spatula for your face but it is also soft to the touch. I tried it with my normal cleanser and saw this guy in action. It wipes away all traces of the cleanser in one swoop! It's really amazing but I'd rather use it to wipe away a mask or something. I like splashing my face with water to rinse off my normal cleanser.

Vitamin C Skin Boost $26

Okay the SA told me that Vitamin C boost (one of their best sellers) would help diminish the appearance of acne scars. I really didn't have any faith in this product's claims but when she put some on my wrist I like the texture of it. It feels almost like a silicone primer. I figured if I could wear this as a primer without getting shiny and it's also doing good for my skin - why not? It also smells just like fresh cut oranges - which I happen to love. If you don't like orange citrus-y smells, it may be a bit overwhelming. Since it has that silicone feel to it, it really does help with evening out skin texture without the feeling of plugged pores.

The Verdict
I don't think this should be labeled a moisturizer. The gel texture of this sits on top of skin and is very slowly absorbed into the skin. Because of the slow absorption I'm loving it as a primer. It's weightless and does feel like it's clogging my pores. It leaves my skin silky smooth and prepped for makeup. Although it's not a cure, I find it does help smooth out dry patches around blemish so that makeup doesn't cake.

I'm not sure if it's working to diminish any dark spots- at least I can't really tell. I'm also still on the lookout for a primer as this one made me a bit shiny. I like to wear it alone when I'm in a rush just to even out the texture of my skin. I really really love the flannel washcloth though! I will definitely go back to get another one to stash away.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check out and the SA added all these goodies to my bag! I received a Cloth Woven Makeup Bag filled with travel sizes of Strawberry Body Butter, Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel (not pictured), and Mulberry Hi-Shine Lip Gloss (not pictured). I gave the items not pictured to a friend before I could take these photos.

This smells just like strawberry icing! I need to be careful with this. The whole time I was wearing it I had a craving for cupcakes!

This is very fast-absorbing and non-greasy but nothing too special about it. I've been using it at night before bed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eyelash Curlers

I got this plastic pinky curler one way WAY back when I was in high school. I really like it cause it's just cute looking and I don't have to worry about it getting banged up when I carry it around with me. I don't remember what brand it was....I want to say Wet 'n Wild because I remember getting it at Walmart. It was pretty cheap too - probably only $2-3.

The other eyelash curler I have is THE famed Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler $19. I find that I have to be careful with this because it does pinch me sometimes.

The Verdict
I really don't see a difference between the two. They can both give me a great natural curl when used right but they can also both give me 90 degree angled lashes if pressed down too hard or long. I love both because one's cute and the other one is so glamorous!