Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Case of the Scotty Dog Makeup Bag

Ok so I was given this Radley makeup bag a long, long time ago from my college roommate. She is European and at the time her family was living in London and she brought me this after visiting them over winter break. I just assumed it was a regular old makeup bag from some British store called Radley with a little Scotty dog mascot.

(Didi and Aunt are sitting on a sofa. Didi is taking out the new Dior Diamond Lipstick Case she just snagged last week to show it off when Aunt notices the makeup bag Didi is carrying has a discreet indentation of a Scotty dog. )

Aunt (grabs bag out of Didi's hands): That's the bag with the Scotty dog!

Didi: O yea, that's a Scotty dog. I wanted to show you this lipstick....

Aunt (interrupts and points at the imprinted Scotty dog): No, look! It's THE Scotty dog!

Didi : Yea, I've had that bag forever. Take a look at this sparkly Dior lipstick case!

Aunt: That's really nice. Do you know what brand this bag is? It's really popular in Taiwan. It's everywhere! It's a British label.

Didi: I'm guessing the brand is Radley, at least that's whats imprinted on the back. My old roommate gave....

Aunt (interuppts again and holds bag at arm's length): This bag is so well made! The leather is really good quality and thick too! How do you not know this label? Didn't you just go to England for Christmas?

Didi (shrugs): I dunno - Never occured to me that Radley was a brand. I just thought it was a department store like Harrod's. You know what's neat? I got this lipstick case free from Saks.

Aunt: I really like this bag!

(Didi spontaneously combusts and Aunt doesn't even notice under the spell of the Scotty dog Makeup bag.)

End Scene

The Verdict
I really do love this bag even though I seem to be living under a rock and had no clue that this was some sort of premium leather good. The quality of the material is fantastic! The leather is quite thick (as noted by my aunt) but at the same time it's so supple and soft. It has a natural patina to it that has only developed even more beautifully over time. The quality of material and contruction is evident inside the bag as well. It's lined with some sort of a ribbed cloth that looks like corduroy but doesn't feel velvety.

I so regret not being aware that this was a brand label while on my visit to England. I just visited their online store http://www.radley.co.uk/en-gb/store/ and all the items are super cute! The bag I have is more on the conservative side and I have no qualms with that at all. The important thing is the quality of the bag and like I said - it's pretty top-notch. I'm so sad :( this is just the kind of style I'm drawn to too! All their products are what I like to call Cute Chic. They're sophisticated and yet whimsical. I'm bummed out I didn't get to hunt these down - It would have been tax free too!