Monday, March 30, 2009

Spinlash $15

Look what I found! It's the Spinlash by Akasha! I dunno why but I just had an urge to try this out when I saw it at CVS. I think I saw this on some late night TV infomercial a couple of months ago and laughed at it - now I'm the sucker that fell for the gimmick. Hahaha!

My first impression was that this thing is monstrous and not exactly compact or portable (in relation to average sized mascara tubes). Still it intrigued me enough to give it a shot. It comes with the the ginormous wand that has the built-in mini-motor and a stand alone cap that contains Spinlash mascara. You can use this or your own mascara of preference.

**Update** ok I compared this with the Dior Mascaras I have and it's about half an inch longer but the barrel size is about the same. So not as hugemongous as I thought.

The brush spins very slowly, gently and there is only 1 speed. So no worries about poking your eye out on a turbo spin settling. You have an option of a spin direction so you can switch it up if you're spinning lashes on your left or right eye.

The Verdict
Not so sure that it's doing anything that a normal mascara brush wouldn't do. It's just that it's an automatic one. My lashes did not fluff out like the pictures after going through a spin and I didn't notice any additional ease when applying mascara. I did not use the mascara that came with the Spinlash because I didn't want to "dirty" the brush. I only used it to separate my lashes and then applied a separate mascara with a separate brush.

It's a fun novelty but I would not purchase this again. What really pissed me off is that you can't replace the battery to this once it's used up. You're required to throw this away and purchase a new one. It's even printed on the Spinlash to do this! I find it so aggravating! No mascara of mine is gona tell ME what do to!


joliejulie said...

I've been wanting to give this a try. It is diappointing you can't replace the battery. Thanks for review.

Anonymous said...

the arrow pointing to the right and left looks like an elevator button :)

Didi said...

Joliejulie - I know! I was majorly pissed when I saw that. It didn't say anything about not being able to replace the battery on the outside packaging. That was a terrible surprise.

Didi said...

Anonymous - haha! didn't realize that before but it does!