Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dior Duo Magique $28

Been searching for an honest eye makeup remover that is:
1. Non-Irritating
2. Non-Greasy
3. Actually removes mascara
I finally found it! This baby promises all that and actually delivers! Whoo hoo! Dior Duo Magique for president!

The Verdict
So what you gotta do is shake this baby up and then apply to a cotton pad and wipe away the makeup. You don't have to "rub" vigorously even for waterproof makeup. Unfortunately, you do have to do some rubbing and I did lose an eyelash once. I still love this stuff because of the 3 criteria listed above and plus I don't always want to use a cleansing oil. I shouldn't but I do run out with only mascara and no foundation on and on those days I just want to use an eye makeup remover only.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Lancome's eye makeup remover? How does it compare?

~Didi~ said...

Anon - I tried Lancome's years ago and I felt it was a bit too oily for me. This one is oil-based too but you don't get that greasy feeling at all. I can use this and not feel like I MUST follow it with a cleanser to remove the oil.