Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion $17

Everyone's probably pretty familiar with Mario Badescu's pink Drying Lotion. This is the same version of the pink one except it's for cyctic acne. I'm one of the unlucky few who developes cystic acne and they always show up around that time of month.

The Verdict
So this really does work - It's not a miracle worker but you do get results. I applied the lotion to a pimple and overnight the pimple was reduced and no longer red. I was impressed because even though the lotion dried out the pimple, it didn't dry out my surrounding skin. Again the downside is it reduced the pimple but did not eliminate it. It just made it less inflamed.


These little sample bottles are so cute! The SA included 2 pairs of these with my purchase - I thought that was nice of her. I haven't tried these out yet cause I'm really happy with my Shiseido stuff that I use daily. I'll do a full review later on these.


Amanda said...

I've tried the pink drying lotion and it is fantastic! I will try out the buffering lotion too next time.

Didi said...

Hi Amanda - Definitely give it a try! It's not a cure-all for cystic acne but it really does reduce the redness and swelling overnight.