Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dior Addict Lipcolor $26

So the only reason I got this lipstick was because of the Saks promotion that came with it. If you buy a Dior Addict Lipcolor from Saks, you get a complimentary Dior Diamond Lipstick case. I learned about this from my beaeuty guru Jen at

Here is what I ended up purchasing. The color is Rose Lingerie #323. I wanted something neutral that would blend into my skin since I like to do a lot of dark eye makeup. I was worried that this wouldn't show up because I have pigmented lips and even the most opaque of lipsticks disappear on me.

The Verdict
This lipstick is so moisturizing! I was thinking I'd need to apply a lipgloss on top of this, but I was completely wrong. Also the color actually did blend into my natural lip color but gives it a bit more definition and a bit of a rosy color so I have no complaints.


Here it is - the Dior Diamond Lipstick Case. Isn't it fancy? Plus did you notice the sparkles? I lubs sparkles! The case has a mirror on the inside and is the perfect fit for the lipstick. I really like that there are little magnets on the sides of the case so that it gives a satisfying "snap" when you close it. Plus it's practical cause you don't want your lipstick rolling out of the case - what would be the point of putting it in a case in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Love the case! How many items did you purchase to get the case?

~Didi~ said...

Anon - I only purchased 1 Addict Lip Color. I initially wanted an Addict Lip Gloss but the SA wouldn't give me the case with that :( So I gave in and got the lipcolor.

*Jen* said...

Didi I love your blog and I linked you from mine--it's really great. And I love the color scheme of course lol =D