Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shiseido The Makeup Lifting Mascara

I probably wouldn't have tried this out if I hadn't been given a sample size of this from a very nice SA at the Dillard's Shiseido counter at the Collin Creek Mall. Shiseido has several mascaras in their The Makeup line but this one is specifically for curling lashes.

The brush is quite small as the bristles are fairly short. I love this type of brush because I feel like I can get down to the roots of my lashes without blinding my eyes. It was a spiral wand that is set very orderly and tightly.

The Verdict
I did not notice any fumes from this mascara and it did not irritate my eyes at all. The mascara stays put all day and does not flake. I was amazed by the curl power too! I was not expecting it to really "curl" for some reason but 5 minutes after applying my lashes touch right below my brow line! I find if I just apply this in strokes it will clump, but if I start from the roots of my lashes and wiggle the brush left and right there are barely any clumps. I would purchase this but at the moment there are too many mascaras out there that I still want to try! I have to say that this mascara just makes me love Shiseido even more than I already do!