Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shu Uemura Parcel

I'm so excited to finally get this! I've used Shu's Face Architect Foundatation in the past but I could never get my hands on the UV Underbase. Whenever I get to the Shu counter to purchase it, it's always out of stock! What's up with that? I'm really looking forward to using these 2 together cause I always have this belief that products from the same brand are supposed to work in sync.

I also received a few samples from Shu and they're so cute! I have to say I love Shu's samples - they're so pristine and packaged beautifully!

Shipping Experience: B-
I'm usually very happy with Shu's shipping. They always cushion the items with a lot of packing peanuts and everything is secure for shipment. Who knew too many packing peanuts would be too much of a good thing?

This time they must've run out of boxes or something. They decided they would pack everything in a box that's too small and would also stuff it to the brim with peanuts. Literally. As if the massive amount of peanuts would make up for the teeny box. There were so many peanuts the box wouldn't close fully and they shipped it just like that.

The items were all squished inside and the box for the Underbase got crushed in the process. I "smoothed" out the box as best I could in the pic. None of the items were damaged but the poor choice in packaging and the crushed product box was disappointing.