Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kinerase Clear Skin Treatment Serum $79 Review

This elegant, lightweight therapeutic serum contains a proprietary blend of plant based extracts to reduce blemishes and control oil while visibly calming and smoothing the skin. A professional-strength dose of kinetin also treats and prevents signs of aging.

Regular use can help prevent blemishes without the redness, irritation and peeling commonly associated with acne treatment regimens.
-per Kinerase website

The Verdict: D
I wanted this serum to work - I really did especially since the Kinerase Clear Skin Regulating Mask worked so well. The thing is the serum did work. It has a runny consistency, is fast-absorbing and is non-oily but I did feel some slight stinging on areas of broken skin. Saw a pimple trying to set up camp on my cheek. I dabbed some of this serum right on the spot and the next morning - gone. Not even a trace of a blemish and my skin wasn't dry or peely.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get over the funky cheesy foot smell. It's just horrible. My nostrils felt violated. If you value fresh oxygen and object to obtrusive malicious odors (cue siren and red light alarm) stay away! For the love of God stay away!

Another issue I had was the how the serum is dispensed. The best way to do it is to pump the product into the palm of your hand. I tried to pump a small drop onto the tip of my index and middle finger - big mistake! Stinky smelling goop squirted in all directions.


Julie said...

my roommate brought some of this home a couple months back and it reeks!

Didi said...

Hi Julie - LOL! So you know what I'm talking about. I really thought I'd be able to handle it but the smell was too overwhelming. I just gave up!

Petitte Poupee said...

Did you try the Caudalie skin care before? How does it compare with kinerase?
I heard a lot of good review about it.

Didi said...

Hi Petite Poupee :) - I don't know that I can make s fair comparison between the 2 because I've only tried bits and pieces from each brand. I have to say because of the price points it's much easier for me and my wallet to try Caudalie products. Shiseido is my staple regardless - I always have the Pureness cleanser and toner on hand.

I've only tried 2 Kinerase products and posted reviews for both. The mask was great albeit drying but the acne spot treatment was too much for me. I just couldn't take the smell and I didn't find it to be more effective than other spot treatment products.

For the most part I like Caudalie's products. I was not impressed by the foaming cleanser but I usually find them underwhelming anyways. I did NOT like the Grape Water (smelled old/rancid) or the Cleansing Water (left a soapy film). I've really liked the Beauty Elixir (smell is a bit strong so test it out first), Purifying Concentrate, and Radiance Revealing Mask. I've got the Purifying Mask too but haven't gotten around to try it out.

Petitte Poupee said...


Thank you so much for the explanation that you gave me. This gave me a general ideal about the Caudalie's product so i can narrow it down. =))