Thursday, September 24, 2009

Giorgio Armani Beauty Parcel

Wahoo! Guess what came in the mail today? My order from Armani Beauty!

Can't wait to try everything out - I already swiped on some of the Lip Wax and OMG. It is unbelievable. I will buy more. I will buy them all.

I also purchased a full-size Eyes to Kill Mascara after loving the sample I received awhile back and I'll be trying out samples of the Fluid Master Primer and the Luminous Silk Foundation.

Shipping Experience: A
I was very pleased with the packaging from Armani. The items were well-cushioned and there was no empty space in the box for the items to be thrown around. It passed my "Shake for Sounds" test :) Also when I opened the box, none of the products were crushed or damaged.