Sunday, September 27, 2009

Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara $28 Review

I can't remember where I got ahold of a sample of this stuff...I think it was a freebie from some other beauty purchase but regardless I loved it so much I had to get the full-sized mascara too!

The website description from Armani - "Dress the eye with powerful, plush, voluminous lashes. Fine, fluid Microfil technology creates intensely captivating lash texture. Micro-waxes combined with a fineness agent allow for smooth and easy application, revealing weightless volume and length."

There are several colors to choose from but I purchased the basic black. They named it #1 Steel Black. Which I thought was fitting because the mascara case feels like cool steel too. I think it's probably made from some type of heavy grade aluminum.

Here's a shot of the brush. The bristles on the brush are arranged in a spiral pattern and they're equal length all the way through except at the tip.

Look! It's a mommy and baby! Here's a shot of the sample and full-size mascaras side by side and a comparison of the brushes. I was impressed that the sample-size brush is the same size and quality as the full-size brush. The only noticeable difference besides the size was that the case of the sample is plastic while the case of the full-size is aluminum.

The Verdict: A-
My eyes are very sensitive and they get irritated or dried out very easily. I feel absolutely no discomfort with this mascara! It's weightless, doesn't flake or clump and defines my lashes all the way to the tip! What I really love is the fact that it dries very quickly. When I blink, I don't get that "gummy" feeling of my top lashes sticking to my bottom lashes.

If only this mascara would give my lashes some curl, I could die a happy woman. But unfortunately this mascara kinda undos my curl and my lashes are super duper straight naturally. It doesn't bother me much as I just go crazy with the eyelash curler to counter the mascara's straightening effect.

Despite that, I still really love this mascara because it's so comfortable I really don't even notice it's on - and this girl's all about comfort!