Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ebates for Beauty Buys!

Ok if you don't have an Ebates account yet, you MUST get one!

Ebates gives you cash back on every online purchase you make with their ginormous list of participating merchants. The cashback you get can range anywhere from 1-10% of the total purchase price depending on the merchant. If you regularly make online purchases, you must sign up! Actually if you make any online purchases, you must sign up because it's free and you get some of your hard earned moola back.

I used to adore Sephora because they had a whopping 8% cashback but starting in September they dropped it to 4% cashback. I'm so pissed - Grrr! But I digress...

As long as the you have at least $5.01 cashback, Ebates will send you your cashback quarterly or every 3 months. If you have less than $5.01, the cashback just rolls over and is added to the next quarter's check. You also have several options on how to cashout. You can have a check mailed directly to you, you can have the $$ credited to your PayPal account, and they're always coming up with new ways to let you cashout (it's all explained here).

Ok this is muy importante so listen up! You must remember to


and go to the store you plan to make purchases at via the links on Ebates. This is the only way they can track your purchase and give you cashback. If you go directly to the store's webpage and make your purchase, Ebates won't know about it and you won't get the cashback. This sounds simple enough but I can't tell you how many times I completely forgot to sign in to Ebates first and totally missed the cashback.

If you refer a friend to join Ebates, you and friend get $5 added to your account. If you consider me a friend, I'd really love it if you'd use this link to sign up for your Ebates account.


~Mel said...

already have one.. it's like a staple on my blog.. haha.. good stuff. =)

Petitte Poupee said...

I love the Ebates program. I used this web for over a year already.
If you want to get 8% cash back from sephora, just check it back when the sale season come. Usually they increase the cash back percentage.

Will you get anything from sephora friends and family sale on 19? =)

Didi said...

Hi Mel - I concur! It is good stuff :)

Didi said...

Hi Petite Poupee - ooo! Thanks for the inside info ;) I'll be on the lookout for Sephora to bump up their cashback again!

For the Sephora F&F I think I'm going to grab that Shu badger brush in the fan shape and then just some Shiseido staples since I need to restock. I'm really trying to stay with-IN budget.

What about you - anything you're planning to get?

Petitte Poupee said...


I still don't know what i really want from sephora's sale because i have a really long list.
I know it is bad because i tend to be impulsive buyer when it comes to sale. I buy a lot of stuff that i don't need. haha =))
I am still narrow it down my list between sephora's sale and saks's sale.
From the saks's sale, i will definitely get some La Mer product. We know that La Mer is not cheap, however, their product never disappoint me!