Friday, October 2, 2009

Shu Uemura UV Underbase Mousse SPF10 $32 Review

I've always been a believer in primers. They are afterall the foundation to foundations. They create a smooth base for foundation so it's applied smoothly and evenly over the skin. A primer is a must for me to counter acne scarring, enlarged pores and some dry patches. Without it, foundation lodges itself into crevices I didn't even know were on my face and it slips off areas where I expect it to stay put.

I've always wanted to try out Shu Uemura's unconventional UV Underbase Mousse SPF10. The look of the packaging is so unique that I've been drawn to this product for the longest time. Another plus is that this primer has SPF10 in it. It's not much but some SPF is better than none, right?

Here some of the mousse straight outta the can. See how billowy and foamy? Although the mousse blends sheer, it has a beige tint to it. In fact the box says it's official shade is Beige 01.

The Verdict: A
I wasn't sure what to expect this foamy primer but I was pleasantly suprised. Since this has the consistency of mousse, when it's applied it doesn't just glide over the skin. I could feel it being absorbed into my skin just a little bit which also provided some moisturization. It does takes some work to get this blended in and absorbed into the skin. It leaves skin a litte moist and takes a minute to dry completely. Once dried my skin felt soft and supple. My pores were minimized and foundation went on like a dream without budging.

It is non-greasy, very light weight and the best part - it mattifies. I barely broke a shine in the 6th hour. That's right shine free for 6 hours! Another thing I noticed was that this primer actually keeps foundation and blushes right where it's applied. I'm totally in love with this stuff!