Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MAC Dazzleglass Creme $18 Review & Swatches

I dunno why but I just couldn't resist these when I dropped by the MAC boutique to pick up MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I ended up purchasing only 3 out of the 9 shades available.

"M∙A∙C cult favourite Dazzleglass with a creamier, smoother, but no less shiny or dazzling effect. For those who are drawn to the luxe of cream lips, but still want the dazzling allure of its inspiration, this is it." ~from MAC's website These are Limited Edition so if you like them - do stock up!

Product Packaging

The outter packaging is standard issue MAC black.

These babies are in clear glass tubes and I like the weighty feel of them. The glass is unadorned and lets the shimma of the Dazzleglass Creme show through beautifully. Plus it's lets me gauge if this stuff is running low


Aren't they sparkly? O and unlike traditional MAC Dazzleglasses these are NOT sticky at all! I really don't mind the sticky thing but it does get annoying when my hair get stuck to my lips repeatedly.

Ok this pic is not a swatch - it's my natural lip color and is for color reference purposes only. The real lip swatches are below!

The Verdict - Amourous: A

I wasn't into this color online, but when I got to the store the SA was like "You ARE going to try Amorous aren't you?" You're not supposed to second guess advice from MAC gays so I obediently gave it a try. Turns out he was right - I loved it! Even though the glitter is very fine, of the 3 Dazzleglass Cremes I feel the glitter of this one the most when I blot my lips. It's not uncomfortable but I thought I should mention it.

This picture doesn't do it justice because in person the color is really amazing!

The Verdict - Do It Up: A+

This is my favorite of the trio! In the tube it looks sorta orangey-pink but on me it's more of a hot pink. I guess I'm just naturally orangey and I the orange-ness gets camouflaged on me.

The Verdict - My Favorite Pink: A

Pinks never show up well on me because of my skin color and my pigmented lips but what can I say? I'm always pining away for the perfect pink to come along and sweep me off my feet!

I have to say I was really impressed this showed up on me at all. I've nothing on except the Dazzleglass Creme itself.