Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Body Shop Cyber Monday 2009 Parcel

Another Cyber Monday deal I succumbed to. This was more of a re-stock opprotunity than anything else.

I had to re-stock on the Vitamin C Boost (which I use as an unconventional primer) and the Strawberry Body Polish.

I did get 2 new items: A Detangling Comb that I wanted to use with conditioners and a Midnight Stars Oil Burner (Drats! I forgot to include the oil burner in the pic. I promise to have pics with the review - so no worries).

I also picked up a Vitamin E Eye Cream for my granny. I've used it in the past but I wasn't consistent(plus I was ridicously young about 17 and obviously paranoid) so I can't give any honest feedback on this. Granny likes it though and what Granny wants Granny gets because she feeds me :)

Shipping Experience: A
No complaints with The Body Shop's shipping process. All the items arrived in one shipment and everything was well-wrapped and shipped securely. O I should also mention - they use ziploc baggies for everything! I'm a ziploc packer myself so I feel The Body Shop and I are kindred spirits :)