Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guerlain Holiday Rouge G #12 Gems $45 Review & Swatches

"In its original case designed by the jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, Rouge G has become a classic in refinement and modernity. Elegant and unusual, its abstract and pure form is enhanced by a new jewel, black and strass-like in spirit that adds a subtle and refined holiday note."

"An ornamental gem for a sumptuous hallmark. As the ultimate finishing touch in makeup, lipstick enhances the lips and illuminates the face."

"Rouge G diffuses subtly sparkling golden reflections over elegant nude and gentle rosewood. It has the radiance of gold, just enough to bring out a glowing smile over an evening of celebrations. Two must-have shades: 11 Grace – 12 Gems " ~ from Guerlain's website

I got this in Gems shade #12.

Here's a shot of the case opened where you can see the double mirrors.


My natural lip color.

With Gems applied. I really love the rosey base and gold shimmer that gives the lipstick a multi-faceted effect. I can't quite describe it, but the color is really amazing! During the day the color is a smidge more pink and at night the lipstick appears to be more apricot.

Here's a comparison of the Rouge G in Gems and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Juniper Brown.

When I first saw the lipsticks I thought they looked really similar in the tube and when applied. But compared side by side, you can see that Juniper Brown is more peach-colored and glittery. Gems has a deeper rose color and gives off a slight gold sheen.

Product Packaging
The mirrored case is absolutely gorgeous! This is definitely a conversation piece for your vanity. The case is very weighty and it has a very luxurious feel to it. But of course since it's mirrored on all sides, you can't really avoid fingerprints getting all over.

I really like the magnetic closure that they incorporated into the case - it keeps the lipstick firmly closed and prevents it from uncasing when it's in your makeup bag.

I should mention that mirrors on the case are only held closed by the gem detail. So everytime you uncase the lipstick, you also simultaneously uncase the mirrors too.

I can't help but feel the majority of the price tag is for the case itself. I really wish Guerlain made this a "refillable" lipstick case. It'd cost less for the refills and be less of a waste when the lipstick is empty.

The Verdict: A+

This lipstick formula completely exceeded my expectations! Is it the ruby dust that makes the color so incredibly amazing? I have no idea. Alls I know is the subtle gold sheen in the color is like nothing I've ever seen.

Also, everytime I put this on my boyfriend comments how nice the color looks on me. I know. I can't believe he even noticed! See how amazing this lipstick is?

Guerlain thought this was such an awesome lipstick they gave Rouge G it's own website just for this amazing product. Go forth and experience that that is Rouge G.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sephora VIB Dollars

I think the Sephora gods must be pleased with me...or they are expecting a sacrifice sometime in the near future.

I received a coupon with $15 VIB Dollars to spend and a couple days later I received 2nd coupon with $20 VIB Dollars to spend as well.

The $15 VIB Dollars went to a gift for a family member.

The $20 VIB Dollars weren't so lucky - I traded them in for the YSL 2009 Holiday Collection.

I was looking to take advantage of the YSL F&F 20% off online discount but I realized everything I wanted was available at Sephora and with the VIB $20 my discount at Sephora could be anywhere from 30-50% off. See? Mama was right - math is important!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Guerlain Imperiale Christmas 2009 Parcel

The Bergdorf (instant) Gift Card event is the best eva! O and as an added bonus since there is NO Bergdorf's in the Lonestar state my online purchases were tax free! Yippee!

So what did I indulge on? Why the Guerlain Impériale Christmas Collection of course!

I only purchased the Rouge G de Guerlain $45 and the Météorites Pearls Impériales $53. I also purchased the Météorites Brush $35.

I didn't go nuts with this collection but if I had deeper pockets I would've gone for the Eclat Impérial Sublime Radiant Powder $85 and the Météorites Voyage Impériale Compact $180 too. Unfortunately, I'm not swimming in dough so I had to cut the fat and with those price tags - they're fat. I'm still lemming for the Eclat Impérial Sublime Radiant Powder's soooo elegant!

My gift with purchase courtesy of Guerlain were some product samples and a faux velvet makeup bag.

Shipping Experience: A
The items were shipped as they were available and I actually got the Rouge G a couple of days ago. I could see the process of each individual item as they each received a UPS tracking number.

Everything arrived within the shipping window and all items were wrapped and cushioned with heavy butcher paper.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish $20 Review

Joke of the day:

Why was the strawberry so upset?

Cause he was in a jam! Hahaha!
(yes I'm easily amused)

"Best if you want to: Cleanse and exfoliate with a foaming, gel-based scrub that has crushed walnut shells and kiwi seeds and a light strawberry scent.

Best for: normal skin, suitable for everyday use

How it works:
■Strawberry juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to protect and nourish skin, as well as pore-cleansing salicylic acid; provides natural strawberry fragrance and red color.
■Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions skin.
■Sunflower oil and sweet almond oil moisturize and soften skin." ~from The Body Shop website

This body polish has the consistency of a gel that's not too thick or too runny. It also contains bits of walnut shell and kiwi seeds throughout that never fully dissolve but it's ok because they're really gentle.

I wish there was smellapost (maybe it'll be available when smellavision comes around) because this stuff smells so delicious! It smells just like strawberry jam and I'm soooo tempted to eat it!

Product Packaging
The body polish is in a plastic squeeze tube with a pop-tab cap which makes it very easy to dispense the gel in the shower.

The Verdict: A-
Using this body polish has so many benefits! You get squeaky clean, it gives you a good scrub down to slough off dry skin, and it triples as an aromatherapy wash!

This scrubbing bodywash is really gentle and it doesn't dry out skin - even with daily use. Also the sweet strawberry smell lingers on the skin even after it's rinsed off. I end up walking around smelling my arm all day long.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Body Shop Detangling Comb $7 Review

"Best if you want to: Teach wet hair to co-operate with a wide-tooth wooden comb that evenly distributes conditioner and detangles without splitting ends.Best for: all hair types

■Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified beech wood.
■Wide teeth." ~from The Body Shop website

The Verdict: A
I like the wooden feel of the brush but now I'm worried it might get water damaged over time? Maybe I'm just being anal but I'm already thinking of treating the comb witn mineral oil every now and then. I know. I'm scary that way.

Regardless of my paranoia, the comb works great to distribute conditioner evenly throughout hair. When my hair gets long, it gets kinda tricky to get conditioner all the way to the ends using just my finger tips. This comb works great to spread the conditioner from root to ends! I also like the spacing of the teeth because it doesn't tug on my hair when it's wet and cause breakage.

I even use it out of the shower to distribute styling products(mostly heat protecting ones) through my hair and so far it's been a great multi-tasker.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Body Shop Cyber Monday 2009 Parcel

Another Cyber Monday deal I succumbed to. This was more of a re-stock opprotunity than anything else.

I had to re-stock on the Vitamin C Boost (which I use as an unconventional primer) and the Strawberry Body Polish.

I did get 2 new items: A Detangling Comb that I wanted to use with conditioners and a Midnight Stars Oil Burner (Drats! I forgot to include the oil burner in the pic. I promise to have pics with the review - so no worries).

I also picked up a Vitamin E Eye Cream for my granny. I've used it in the past but I wasn't consistent(plus I was ridicously young about 17 and obviously paranoid) so I can't give any honest feedback on this. Granny likes it though and what Granny wants Granny gets because she feeds me :)

Shipping Experience: A
No complaints with The Body Shop's shipping process. All the items arrived in one shipment and everything was well-wrapped and shipped securely. O I should also mention - they use ziploc baggies for everything! I'm a ziploc packer myself so I feel The Body Shop and I are kindred spirits :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited PK 382s $22 Review & Swatches

This is another Gloss Unlimited sample I received from Shu.

"Easy-to-wear vivid shades in vibrant color. Each shade delivers intense color fidelity and brightness, 3 dimensional shine effect in a non-sticky formula that keeps lips hydrated and soft. Sheer Coverage." ~From the Shu Uemura website.

The sample is a pink color gloss in shade pk 382s. There's a wide range of colors and shades to choose from though!


Here's a swatch of the gloss. It's very sheer and has tiny bits of glitter throughout.

My natural lip color.

With the gloss applied.

Sample Product Packaging
Even though this is just a sample of the gloss, the tube and cap are of good quality plastic.

This lip gloss has my preferred applicator - the fuzzy applicator! I find that this kind of applicator gives me the best control around the edges of my lips. With some other applicators I end up pushing all the gloss from the center of my lips out to the edges.

The Verdict: A-
I love how the gloss is non-sticky and the glitter is so finely milled, you can't even feel it. Even though the gloss is very sheer on me, it looks great by itself or layered upon lipsticks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Makeup Bag $29 Review

"Store your make-up in Tsumori Chisato's world with this limited-edition cosmetic pouch decorated with lucky stars." ~from the Shu Uemura website

The bag is made of nylon and there's little pink and peach stars printed all over. The pink stars are glittered and I think the glitter will eventually rub off completely.

The Details

Front of the bag.

Back of the bag.

Some close-ups of the jewel details and zipper on the bag. The bezel of the jewels and the jewels themselves are plastic. The star zipper is shiny gold pleather.

Inside of the bag and a close-up of the inside. There is a side pocket on one side for small items. You can see how puffy the lining is on both sides.

The Verdict: B+
I really like how insulated the bag is because all the items are protected and secure. But all this cushioning comes with a compromise on space.  The bag will hold just enough items for the day but that's it and it gets pretty crowded. Overall I've really enjoyed using it to tow my daily makeup.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Rouge Unlimited $25 Review & Swatches

"Rouge Unlimited lipstick in a limited edition shade of Jupiter Brown and encased within Tsumori Chisato's exclusive "Lucky Cat" packaging design." ~from Shu Uemura's website

This special holiday packaging is for the Limited Edition shade Juniper Brown. The color is a nude rose with a gold sheen to it. The gold is from teeny tiny gold glitter. Look below for to see swatches!


Here's my natural lip color.

With the rouge applied. Can you see the tiny gold glitter?

Product Packaging
How cute are the box and the lipstick? I love the whimsical doodles of this packaging. The lipstick case is made from a high grade plastic and seems really durable.

And check this out....

You can re-use the case with other Rouge Unlimited lipsticks! Alls you gotta do is pop out the lipstick from the base and voila!

Even though the packaging is so cute, I probably would've resisted this purchase because I've got lipsticks and lip glosses to last me a couple of lifetimes. But the fact that you can re-use the case over and over again was enough to convince me to get it.

The Verdict: A-
The lipstick glides on very smoothly and it doesn't dry out my lips at all. I do however feel the glitter if I rub my lips together.

Another thing I liked is how the lipstick fits perfectly in the Dior lipstick case from Saks! That's right - I am not ashamed to mix my labels. I love this because if I'm going to be re-using this case, I really do NOT want the design to rub off from getting shuffled around my makeup bag.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shu Uemura Cyber Monday 2009 Parcel

Did anybody take advantage of the Shu Uemura Cyber Monday deal? I thought it was pretty awesome so I couldn't resist and picked up some goodies from their Tsumori Chisato Holiday 2009 Collection.

I crumbled and ordered the Holiday Rouge Unlimited and the Holiday Makeup bag.

I also received this bag and samples along with my swag. There are sooo many samples and the size for some of these are HUGE!  Just to give some perspective, the dimensions of the mesh bag are about 5x7.

Shipping Experience: A
Shu got it right this time. Right-sized box, lots of packing peanuts and all the items arrived safe and sound.