Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guerlain Holiday Rouge G #12 Gems $45 Review & Swatches

"In its original case designed by the jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, Rouge G has become a classic in refinement and modernity. Elegant and unusual, its abstract and pure form is enhanced by a new jewel, black and strass-like in spirit that adds a subtle and refined holiday note."

"An ornamental gem for a sumptuous hallmark. As the ultimate finishing touch in makeup, lipstick enhances the lips and illuminates the face."

"Rouge G diffuses subtly sparkling golden reflections over elegant nude and gentle rosewood. It has the radiance of gold, just enough to bring out a glowing smile over an evening of celebrations. Two must-have shades: 11 Grace – 12 Gems " ~ from Guerlain's website

I got this in Gems shade #12.

Here's a shot of the case opened where you can see the double mirrors.


My natural lip color.

With Gems applied. I really love the rosey base and gold shimmer that gives the lipstick a multi-faceted effect. I can't quite describe it, but the color is really amazing! During the day the color is a smidge more pink and at night the lipstick appears to be more apricot.

Here's a comparison of the Rouge G in Gems and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Juniper Brown.

When I first saw the lipsticks I thought they looked really similar in the tube and when applied. But compared side by side, you can see that Juniper Brown is more peach-colored and glittery. Gems has a deeper rose color and gives off a slight gold sheen.

Product Packaging
The mirrored case is absolutely gorgeous! This is definitely a conversation piece for your vanity. The case is very weighty and it has a very luxurious feel to it. But of course since it's mirrored on all sides, you can't really avoid fingerprints getting all over.

I really like the magnetic closure that they incorporated into the case - it keeps the lipstick firmly closed and prevents it from uncasing when it's in your makeup bag.

I should mention that mirrors on the case are only held closed by the gem detail. So everytime you uncase the lipstick, you also simultaneously uncase the mirrors too.

I can't help but feel the majority of the price tag is for the case itself. I really wish Guerlain made this a "refillable" lipstick case. It'd cost less for the refills and be less of a waste when the lipstick is empty.

The Verdict: A+

This lipstick formula completely exceeded my expectations! Is it the ruby dust that makes the color so incredibly amazing? I have no idea. Alls I know is the subtle gold sheen in the color is like nothing I've ever seen.

Also, everytime I put this on my boyfriend comments how nice the color looks on me. I know. I can't believe he even noticed! See how amazing this lipstick is?

Guerlain thought this was such an awesome lipstick they gave Rouge G it's own website just for this amazing product. Go forth and experience that that is Rouge G.