Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mario Badescu Drying Cream $12 Review & Swatches

This Drying Cream is another item from the Acne Repair Kit.

I feel like this is the daytime alternative to the Drying Lotion and the Buffering Lotion since it supposedly can be used under makeup.

Here's a pic of the stuff in it's plastic tub. I know - it's not very pretty to look at.

The Verdict: B
I can't say that I've used this a lot. There is a really strong chemically smell to the Drying Cream so I just don't find myself reaching for this.

Aside from the smell, it's not spreadable or absorbed easily by the skin. This makes it difficult for me to use with makeup. The cream has a beigy-tan color to it and I find it doesn't work well with foundation.

Also, when I try to blend this in, it goes all over and onto areas of skin that don't have breakouts. The cream will dry out the unneeded areas and make the skin peely.

But does it work? Yes - it definitely helps to dry out pimples even faster when used together with either the Drying Lotion or the Buffering Lotion.


Here's some of the Drying Cream before blending.

Here it is after blending. It's still sitting on the surface of the skin and leaves a white film over the skin.