Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Armani Fluid Master Primer $55 Review & Swatches

I received this as a sample with a previous Armani Beauty order and I've finally gotten around to trying it out. Yea - took me forever and a day.

"An innovative primer for the face that smoothes skin's surface, refines pores and creates a flawless canvas on which to apply foundation.

•silky, gliding texture imparts a matte, yet transparent glow to skin
•smoothes away fine lines and imperfections
•perfectly even facial canvas for ideal application of foundation
•high comfort and make-up hold

application techniques:
Perform usual skin care routine to ensure a cleansed and moisturized face. Apply a small amount of product to the back of the hand. Using the fingertip, begin application to the center of the face, working outwards to cover the entire facial canvas, in upwards strokes." ~from the Armani Beauty website


Here's a drop of the clear primer. The consistency is gel-like but it doesn't feel thick.

The Verdict: B-
I found this to be kinda meh. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it but I'm not wowed either. The primer is easy to spread over the face and is fairly lightweight. It holds foundation in place but I noticed that foundation tended to cake around dry patches. It didn't create that smooth surface I was looking for.

I have to say at least it didn't make my t-zone turn into an oil slick. My nose did start to get a bit shiny around the 2 hour mark and I had to blot with an oil-sheet.

Sample Product Packaging
As alway's Armani's packaging is simple and tre chic. The sample has it's own outter packaging. Now that's jsut too cool. The material of the box feels like heavy black construction paper.

The sample itself is a small squeezy tube. No complaints here. It's easy and tidy to dispense the primer.