Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mario Badascu Sample Parcel

I really liked the results I'd been seeing using Mario Badescu's products that I thought I'd check out more of their products online. Did I mention Mario Badescu totally rocks? Look at the samples they sent me just for filling out an online questionnaire to determine my skincare concerns.

Yep, these were all free and didn't cost a penny. All the samples they sent are part of the skincare regimen they recommend for my skin type.

Light Reading
Included with the sample parcel was a MB Product Guide booklet that categorizes and explains all of the skincare products they offer and a Product Application Guide for the samples they sent me.

Below are some pics of the Product Application Guide. Click to expand any of the pictures for a closer look.

The front cover.

The pages inside. The left page lists all the products they recommend and which ones were included in the sample parcel. The right page has directions on when and how to apply each product.

And the back with a picture reference on how to properly apply skincare products.

Shipping Experience: A+
They shipped these goodies uber fast in a bubble-wrap lined plastic envelope. So all the samples were well-cushioned and shielded from moisture damage.