Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swarovski USB Robots $180

Look at this bling I've been gazing at all day! They're USB Charms from Swarovski and Philips. I want one so bad but I just can't justify forking over 180 bucks for only 2GB worth of space. They're so darn cute and their little LED ears light up when data is being transferred.

Naughty Raymond

Happy Laura

Dreamy Tina (My fave!)


Petitte Poupee said...

My uncle has the same disease like your granny too! He get cirrhosis and he is struggling with this disease like 10 years already.
My uncle become very2 thin and weak day by day. He is in Asia right now. I have been researching a lot about this disease and one day i came across this hopeful story that someone post on the web.
I just hope this will leave you a little bit of hope.


"My dad is 62 years old and diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis. the docs (a team of 6 MD's) told us that he had 6-12months to live .........."

I hope you dont mind i share this info with you from the comment area since i dont know your email address.

Didi said...

Hi Petite Poupee - I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Thanks for sharing the article. It definitely provided hope and a lot of insight.

How is your uncle doing? My
granny and your uncle have a lot of the same signs. She's also lost a lot of weight and has become weaker. Her appetite is still good and that was my mom's biggest concern.

Thanks again for sharing the article - I really appreciate it!