Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Epilation by Threading

I confess - I'm a hairy beast. I'm a hairy beast with thick eyebrows! Since 8th grade I've always plucked my eyebrows with my trusty Tweezerman tweezers. I've always stayed away from overplucking and I was pretty smug about my handiwork. Afterall I did get compliments and asked where I get my brows done.

The first time I saw "threading" being performed was at a mall kiosk. At the time, I really wasn't impressed by it and I didn't think it was for me. For some reason, the hypochondriac in me got to thinking it was unsanitary and I just never would give it a shot.

The Verdict: A-
Well, after growing into an open-minded and educated beauty addict I was curious and eager to give threading another shot. I went with a couple friends to Heena Salon in Richardson and now I'm a believer! I got my brows and upper lip done ($7 total) and the results are fantastic! It just makes my overall appearance look fresh and clean.

I'm not gonna lie - pain was involved but it certainly wasn't unbearable. It feels exactly like getting a bunch of little hairs pulled out but it's nowhere near the pain of plucking. The threads snatch up the hair so fast the pain was there and gone lightening quick. Some areas of my skin were irritated and had little pink raised bumps the next day, but it wasn't bad and they went away that night. My favorite part was the fact that it didn't require an appointment and I was in and out in 5 min flat!


*Jen* said...

i've always wanted to try threading too!

Didi said...

Hi Jen - You should definitely try it out! I only wish I had tried it sooner!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. I've been wanting to try it, i think i'm convinced to give it a shot! it sounds less painful than waxing :)


Didi said...

Hi Courtney - OO! you should try it! Now that you mention it, I think it is less painful than waxing!

The lady just came at me and I froze cause I didn't want to flinch and have my entire brow removed. The thread removed the hair so quick there was no anticipation up to the moment.