Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Facewash $15

Sorry to be MIA the past couple of weeks. Work's been crazy and I've been baking like a mad woman. May is my most demanding month when it comes to baking. I've got my little cousin's birthday, Mother's Day, boyfriend's birthday and granny's birthday. And for this year only, I'm hosting/catering a bridal shower this weekend!

My aunt got back from a trip to Taiwan last week and this was one of the goodies she brought back for me. It's a Japanese drugstore facewash repackaged for Taiwan in Chinese characters. Mentholatum has a full product line to address acne prone skin.

According to my aunt, this medicated facewash prevents acne, helps heal acne scars, minimizes pores, and has bonus whitening thanks to a dose of Vitamin C. I don't know what the cartoonish little green guy is supposed to be but it made me laugh (those crazy asian marketing peeps)! It looks like the Green Giant's sidekick.

I normally don't stray from my Shiseido Pureness facewash but lately I've been getting small annoying breakouts on my cheeks and jawline. So I gave this a shot and have been using it for a week. There is a scent that smells like a combo of grapefruit + Lysol. It's not strong but it is noticeable. What surprised me was the tingling feeling when I applied this. The tingly feeling is especially noticeable where I had breakouts - I really hope it's because they were being annihilated! I've really liked it so far as I tend to like foaming facewashes. This comes out of the tube creamy but foams when water is added to it.

The Verdict: B+
I have to warn that it is quite strong! If I use it both morning and night it makes my skin peely around the pimples. Once a day seems to work the best for me. So far I'm liking the results and am interested in trying out the other products from this line. You can purchase some of the products online but of course it's much more expensive online than in Taiwan (my aunt said she got it for around $7 US).