Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caudalie Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir $15/$49 Review

This product is a 2-in-1 toner and serum combo. It claims to hydrate and smooth skin using essential oils and plant extracts. It also tightens pores and makes skin radiant. There are 2 sizes available: 1 oz for $15 or 3.8 oz for $49. The 1 oz bottle is meant to be travel friendly (also the size shown in the pics).

It can be misted on clean skin or over makeup and used as a toner or to hydrate the skin at any time of the day. The product has to be shakened up before use because the oils in it separate from the water and it forms little yellow gobs that float towards the top.

Close encounter with the yellow gobs!!!

The Verdict: A+
This is currently my favorite Caudalie product! If you are considering the Caudalie Grape Water - skip it and go straight to this! I thought the Grape Water smelled like old bottled water and was grossed out when it was misted on my face. The Beauty Elixir's got it's own smell too but it smells more medicinal than dirty. I should warn that the medicinal smell does linger for some time before it dissipates - about 1-2 minutes. Also, my final complaint - this stuff seems to go quickly. Even after a few spritzes I actually notice the level of product has gone down. This leads me to think the bottle must be made of really thick glass so that it only appears to contain a lot of product.

When I mist this on, it gives skin a cool refreshing feeling. There is alcohol in it to give it that astringent effect, but it's not at all drying. It hydrates without overly wetting skin and the smell combined with the coolness literally "wakes up" my skin! Once it dries, it's either absorbed by the skin or evaporated so there's not a trace of film left behind. I really love this product but I have a feeling it's a love it/hate it kind of thing. Definitely try it out before taking the plunge!


Julia said...

I've tried this before and didn't care for the smell. It did hydrate and lifted my skin though. Nice review! I'm loving your blog!

Didi said...

Hi Julia - O yea the smell is kinda strong but luckily I don't mind it. I really love spritzing this on!