Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Colgate Wisp 4pk $2

I was really excited to try these out! It's the handy dandy Colgate Wisp! They come in 3 flavors: Peppermint(blue), Cinnamint(red), and Spearmint(green). It's a single use, disposable mini toothbrush for on-the-go use. There's no need for water or rinsing.

Each Wisp is indiviually sealed and there's a small pull tab to help you open it.

The opposite end of the brush is pointed so you can use it as a toothpick too.

The Verdict: D-
I think I now have a better understanding of how cavemen kept up their dental hygiene. The little plastic bristles on these things are so tough! It's like brushing with a twig. I really really hope they improve the design. I felt I couldn't really use it as a "brush" as it was more or less just scraping over my teeth.

On the positive side, the little freshening bead was fantastic! It's the little colored sphere in the middle of the brush. When it bursts it releases the liquid toothpaste that is so refreshing! The sphere's not huge so the amount that is released is just enough to leave you with that minty feeling but not enough to make your mouth foam.

If Colgate can just get the bristles of the brush right - I'd be all over this! For now I'll just stick to my travel brush and travel toothpaste :D If you wanna give it try, check out their website and print out a coupon to save 50 cents.


Fiorina said...

LOL - I experienced the same with these. The bristles were too prickly for me. Great blog and very informative!

Didi said...

Fiorina - I thought the bristles were terrible too! If not for that freshening bead, I would've hated this. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!

Anonymous said...

One good thing about the "stiff, prickly" bristles is that they clean the tongue well (and this is where most stinky breath originates). I love this product because I have braces and I really get tired of carrying around a tooth brush and travel sized paste.

Didi said...

Anonymous - oo! good idea! I didn't think to give my tongue a good scrub with this. I will definitely be trying that out!