Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caudalie VinoPerfect Radiance Revealing Mask $42

Caudalie is a relatively young company that was launched in 1995. Their products originate from the benefits found in grapeseeds and they are all-natural. They extract and stabilize polyphenols which have been shown in laboratory tests to be 10,000x more effective than Vitamin E in fighting free radicals. Caudalie holds the patent for the extraction of polyphenols. From these roots, the company has since patented Resveratol (grape vine stalk extract #uno) to address cell renewal and Viniferine (grape vine stalk extract #dos) to treat dark spots and enhance radiance.

**Warning** The following is copied directly from the product itself and it's box (I got lazy :P)

The extraordinary combination of an ultra-soft brush applicator with a super-active formula. This fresh peeling mask renews the appearance of the skin, tightens the appearance of pores and provides an immediate burst of radiance to your complexion.

Apply twice a week on clean skin. Then the applicator to the ON position Press lightly. Apply avoiding the area around the eye. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Theun the applicator to the OFF position, then rinse and wipe the applicator.

Applicator in OFF position.

Applicator in ON position - with a bit of the mask squeezed out.

The Verdict: A-
This mask feels cool when applied and I think it's a good mask to try if you have sensitive skin. It's completely non-irritating and it makes skin brighter and more radiant. There's no smell to the product and the consistency is quite thick and creamy. It's a peeling mask that is rinsed off so it never hardens or dries out.

Close-up of the brush. It's soft and feels just like a foundation brush.

At first I was excited to try out the brush applicator becuase I thought it would be like a mini-spa experience! Unfortunately, the product is only squeezed out from the very middle of the brush and it was hard to spread over my skin evenly. I'm thinking(hoping) this is just a learning curve and I just need a couple of tries to get the hang of it.

Shot of how the product is dipensed from the middle of the brush only.

I really enjoyed this product and I will definitely continute to use this. I like the cool feeling it has and how gentle it is. Also, since you use the brush applicator to apply it, a little goes a long way.

I was looking all over for a little instruction pamphlet but then realized the instructions were printed directly on the inside of the box. In fact, Caudalie uses every surface of their outter packaging for printing. I loved how it was eco-friendly! I gripe I have with Caudalie in general is that they package their products for the English, French, German and Italian speaking populationg. Because of this, it looks like a lot of detail is printed but it's actually only a 1 sentence description. Also, with all the extraneous information it's like a "Where's Waldo" hunt for the English text - haha!